RÊVES STUDIO’s journey in Jakarta Fashion Week started with competing in Cleo Fashion Awards in 2016. The brand showcased its newest Spring/Summer 17 collection called Brushed. RÊVES STUDIO SS17 Brushed is inspired by paint brushed details embroidery that can be seen in the design. The brushed details uplift the ordinary clothing style and make it unique and interesting, making this collection more than just a garment, but as a collection of arts. The color palette for this collection consists of burgundy, nude, black and white.





Featured in various medias such as rappler.com and cleo.co.id, the article shared the information about RÊVES STUDIO as the winner of Cleo Fashion Awards 2016 for The Most Innovative Local Brand.




After winning Cleo Fashion Awards, RÊVES STUDIO gets the chance to come back and hit the runway at Jakarta Fashion Week 2018 with Indonesia Fashion Forward (IFF). Bringing SS18 Sycamore, this collection is all about the beauty of nature. The collection is inspired by the color of the sycamore tree and rays of the sun. This time, the color palette includes green, beige, and RÊVES STUDIO must-have color, black and white. In the design, they are incorporating the element of Sycamore tree, such as an asymmetrical cut that represents the body of the tree, side frill details that flows like the leaf, and tweed fabrics that portrays the detail of the tree. Using RÊVES STUDIO specialty in incorporating fabrics, this collection is a mixture of crochet, wool and tweed fabrics.






In 2018, RÊVES STUDIO introduced their SS19  Luminance collection at Jakarta Fashion Week 2019. Unlike last year’s collection, this time RÊVES STUDIO brings softer hues to the runway. Taking the inspiration from the reflection of lights on the water, this collection shows off a more feminine style with their off-shoulder cut and open back detail. Applying RÊVES STUDIO DNA through the collection, asymmetric cuts, and fringe detailing can be seen in the designs.





This year, RÊVES STUDIO will present their newest collection at Jakarta Fashion Week 2020. The collection is called L’amour De Soi, which is inspired by a philosophical concept by Jean-Jacques Rousseau that refers to self-love. These days, a lot of women struggle with body image and insecurity. Social media keep advertising the “perfect body” image that becomes the beauty standards for women. That’s why this collection is meant to celebrate and embrace every type of women’s true beauty all across the world. By combining two different fabrics like denim and lace, the designer wanted to represent two different sides of women such as, tough and strong and soft and feminine.



RÊVES STUDIO have the opportunity to collaborate with Rentique, an online fashion rental platform. The collection will have 5 designs that will be available at Rentique for you to rent later on.


We’ll see you in our next collection!