Introducing Reves Studio’s latest capsule collection, REVES X LINGULING.

Finding the right balance between professionalism and au courant may be challenging, but we are proud that our collection did exactly that. The collection itself is a modern take in traditional tailoring. With the presence and dynamic contrast of both neutral and vibrant colors, the pieces in this collection will definitely make its way to your statement piece collection.


In celebration of the birth of this collection, we want you to get a closer look on the woman who made all this possible.

Rosalindynata Gunawan, commonly known as “Linguling”- a name her close friends call her by, embodies perfectly what Reves admire most about woman. Professionalism, enthusiasm, friendliness and elegance sparks right out of Linguling the first time we met her. Most of us may know her through Instagram, yet it doesn’t show nearly enough of Linguling’s true beauty.

It all started through a sweet encounter of Ling sharing a common fascination of our 2017 resort collection, Tangled. From there, our affinity grew more and more until we decided a collaboration needed to happen.  Reves is all about representing women and their professions, at the same time, enclosing their self-esteem and confidence. Through our encounters over time, Ling seems like a perfect fit of what we value and portray through our brand.



“Tailored, Chic, Effortless”

Born on 19th September 1988, Linguling always had an eye for fine arts. She looked at fashion as more a fun hobby never knowing she would fell in love with it as soon as understanding the history, sociology and history behind it. Graduating as a fashion design student from RMIT Australia, her career in fashion starts to flourish. She started a brand called Bubble Girl, a take on contemporary and modern clothing for young girls to experience since adolescence. When asked about what she loves most about her job right now, she says, “Getting to design and create my own pieces is what I love most about my job.”.


“Be brave, do not be afraid to explore, try everything.”

Ling is quite the traveler. Is there anything quite as blissful as an amble by the seashore? None according to Ling, and we totally agree. Just from conversing with her, we can tell that she has a deep adornment for the beauty the world offers. Switzerland, rich in literal natural artistry and picturesque mountain views, best fulfills her love for everything beautiful. When asked about her bucket list, she mentions going to Bhutan and also seeing the northern lights.


“Running is the best way to de-stress.”

There’s no doubt Ling’s lean figure is definitely body goals. Though, benevolent things don’t come so easily, not without sweating and working those muscles. Barre, Pilates, Yoga, you name it. With the amount of unique exercise activities emerging, Ling is always open to try them out.

Exercising doesn’t have be painted in such a negative light. According to Ling, she runs to destress. For 5 years, running is something Ling does for her own pleasure.



“Just Live Today.”

Linguling is currently looking forward to her honeymoon trip to Europe. We wish her all the best in life and may the years ahead be filled with lasting joy.

For readers who are living their lives vicariously through Ling’s, don’t worry. We recommend watching Criminal Minds on Netflix and also running to de-stress, just like how she does it! A little piece of advice from Ling herself, “Don’t worry about tomorrow, just live today.”