Introducing RÊVES STUDIO’s latest Pre-Fall collection, REVES X SJW.

Before diving into the collection, here in RÊVES STUDIO we believe that fashion defines many aspects, one of them is self-expression and we embrace independent women that exudes power and confidence. We define simplicity in our garments. Not to mention our exquisite yet effortless details that flows in every piece. So now it’s that time of the year again, RÊVES STUDIO is back with another collaborative capsule collection.

Our interpretation of an independent woman would be someone that can maintain balance in her aspects of life, and this time we proudly present RÊVES STUDIO x Samantha Wijaya. The collection is inspired by her personality and life. As a mother of two beautiful girls and entrepreneur, she has a strong disposition as a career woman, but as well having her delicate side as the motherly instinct glows from her.



Somehow, we interpret her personality as the ocean. In French, ocean is translated as “LA MER” which is a feminine noun. Ocean is the mother of all creature in the sea, she’s graceful and captivating everyone around her, but at the same time she’s powerful and strong. Therefore, this collection includes color palette taken from the sea, as the fabric drapes effortlessly just how the fluidity of water forming waves. And as the finishing touches we added dainty ropes to the garment.




The career woman is the founder of ROSÉ ALL DAY cosmetic line, a mother of two and a loving wife. The entrepreneur is a fashion and textile graduate from University of Manchester.

The aspiring beauty mogul, co-founded the company with three of her ride-or-dies friends who share the same passion, beauty. They firmly have established professionalism in the partnership and being involve with each other in every step of the way.



Moving further into a personal level in our 43 Questions with Samantha, she then told us that her kids are the number one reason for her to laugh the hardest. She describes nonstop hugs and kisses will be the best part in being a mother and the worst part would be if one of her lovely kids is sick, simply is a nightmare for her. The 90’s vibe lipstick lover confesses that she’s a terrible cook, but she chooses coffee over tea, which is a fair judgment.

The hardworking mother has always been a fan of RÊVES STUDIO. “RÊVES is Fashion forward, for every woman, and classic pieces” she stated. Obsessed with the collaborative capsule collection, her top three pieces from the collection would be the Blazer Set, which she mentioned ‘The details are to die for’; the Semi Wool Bomber Jacket as she describes ‘It can literally go with everything’; last but not least, the Sequined Black Dress that screams her name, as she specifies it for not being too sexy, but it shows adequate bit of skin.

Finally, in respect with RÊVES STUDIO’s campaign the beauty entrepreneur shares her dream with us. And that would be for every girl to have ROSÉ product in their makeup stash. She believes that every dream can be achieved with the qualities every independent woman should have, that are; Perseverance, Hard Work, and Passion.